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Hearts with wings and flowers11069 viewsTwo hearts with wings surrounded by flowers.
Dog by tree showered by valentines3168 viewsA dog is taking a shower and hearts are coming out from the tree instead of water.
Big turtle and little turtle under rainbow with hearts4947 viewsA big turtle and a little turtle are joined by a rainbow and hearts. Child to parent valentine picture.
Two birds with heart4600 viewsTwo love birds are standing on a tree branch, tieing a ribbon around a heart.
Mouse with I love U valentine2911 viewsA little mouse with a big valentine that says, "I Love You".
Scalloped edge heart with flowers21395 viewsA beautiful heart with flowers for Valentine's Day.
Heart with smilely face13134 viewsHeart with arms wide open. This is how much I love you.
Hearts with stylized word--Love14582 viewsTwo hearts say Love.
Boy fish gives gift to girl fish5029 viewsUnderwater, fish celebrate love with a gift and a heart shaped bubble.
A boy dog and a girl dog with hearts2746 viewsTwo dogs leaning together with hearts floating between them.
Fish exchange a kiss6607 viewsTwo fish exchange a kiss and hearts float above them.
Girl with valentine3838 viewsA lovestruck little girl with pigtails holds a valentine that says, I Love You.
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