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Kangaroo baby and mama5146 viewsThe development of a baby kangarooJun 19, 2006
Bear cubs and mama5637 viewsMama bear with cubs, awake from hibernationJun 19, 2006
Sharks3527 viewsSharks are the eating machines of the ocean. Jun 19, 2006
Chimpanzee family3486 viewsChimpanzees have hands like ours so they can hold onto branches and mama's fur as she swings through the trees. Jun 19, 2006
The life of a sea turtle4484 viewsSea turtles begin their life on the beach. Swim to the deepest parts of the ocean and then one day, return to lay eggs in the sand.Jun 19, 2006
Family of Penquins4619 viewsPenquins are birds that live in the coldest parts of the world. Jun 19, 2006
Seals mama and baby6116 viewsSeal wonders what is on his backJun 19, 2006
Lion and Lioness9730 viewsLions use their claws to capture food. See the claws extended and retracted. See the big paws.Jun 19, 2006
Hippopatamus mama and baby7040 viewsHippopatamus live on land, but love to swim underwater.Jun 19, 2006
Giraffes eating leaves11148 viewsGirafffes walk on the savanna in AfricaJun 19, 2006
Cheetha6806 viewsCheetha, a long legged, spotted wildcat. Jun 19, 2006
Family of dolphins in ocean13058 viewsA family of dolphins play together in their ocean homeJun 19, 2006
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